Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow (CD)

Ecstatic Arrow
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This restlessly creative band forge a new sound that blooms with kaleidoscopic art-pop luminescence, transcending their icy experipop foundations into a brave new world.

If Broadcast and Stereolab were their most obvious touchstones before, now they step-out into new pastures inspired by Talking Heads, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and U.S. Girls. There is a new joy in their music, which still bears the DNA of experimental beginnings, captured artfully in first single The Second Shift, which sounds like an end-of-the-evening dancefloor-uniter recorded in a hollowed-out swimming pool. This is a compliment, of course, for Virginia Wing are a band who have always been prepared to challenge, and are now willing to explore sentiment, clarity, and optimism at the same time.

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1. Be Released
2. The Second Shift
3. Glorious Idea
4. Relativity
5. For Every Window There's a Curtain
6. The Female Genius
7. Eight Hours Don't Make A Day
8. A Sister
9. Pale Burnt Lake
10. Seasons Reversed