Black Box Recorder - Life is Unfair [4CD/DVD] (CD Box Set)

Life is Unfair [4CD/DVD]
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'€˜90s British indie trio Black Box Recorder are set to release a definitive box set, Life is Unfair. The package is made up of previously unreleased material and a DVD containing live footage and official music videos.

The highly anticipated package includes the albums England Made Me, The Facts of Life, Passionoia and a 16-track bonus CD of unreleased material, BBC Sessions, single versions, remixes, plus a DVD featuring Live at the Forum recorded on 27th October 2008 as well as five videos.

- 4CD / DVD

1. England Made Me [CD]
2. The Facts of Life [CD]
3. Passionoia [CD]
4. Bonus Material [CD]
5. Live at the Forum + Music Videos [DVD]