Tunng - Songs You Make At Night (CD)

Songs You Make At Night
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Some musical partnerships are so strong, intuitive and natural that they almost can'€™t be separated due to the natural magnetism present in the relationship. One such tight knit songwriting family are Tunng, and their new album Songs You Make at Night reunites founding members Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay (fresh from his Lump side project with Laura Marling) and the rest of the Tunng gang for the first time since 2007'€™s Good Arrows. "We really wanted to do a Tunng record going back to the original line up,"€ Lindsay says. "€œThere was a real magic in the early records that we all wanted to capture again in this one."€

Since forming in 2003 and over the course of five albums, Tunng are a group that have explored the boundaries between acoustic and electronic music, becoming synonymous with the folktronica genre before moving into territory that managed to both evade that label and continue to redefine it. Songs You Make At Night finds a group of people reconnecting with a previous collective state to bring out something new and forward-looking.

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1. Dream In
3. Sleepwalking
4. Crow
5. Dark Heart
6. Battlefront
7. Flatland
8. Nobody Here
9. Evaporate
10. Like Water
11. Dream Out