Ian Glasper - Contract in Blood: A History of UK Thrash Metal (Book)

Contract in Blood: A History of UK Thrash Metal
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For decades, UK thrash metal has been the most underrated and overlooked member of the metal family. Criminally ignored, and considered secondary to its American, German and Brazilian equivalents, the genre has nevertheless continued to survive and thrive, rising from the ashes on more than one occasion. There can be no denying that the UK'€™s thrash scene has generated a wealth of amazing music, often in the face of adversity & apathy, and Contract In Blood tells the whole story - warts 'n' all.

From humble DIY beginnings in backstreet pubs to misrepresentation in the music press and being misunderstood by major labels on the world stage and beyond, Contract in Blood is a classic underdog story, packed with hundreds of new and exclusive interviews, unseen photography and first-hand accounts of the scene from artists spanning over 35 years of fast, aggressive and inescapable music.

- Book (Paperback)
- 650 pages