Byron Lee's All Stars - Soul Ska (CD)

Soul Ska
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Released in 1980, Soul Ska is an album from Byron Lee'€™s All Stars featuring Ken Lazarus, Jo-Jo, Keith Lynn, Smokey 007, Hubert Lee and Cecil Barker. All the tracks were originally recorded in the mid-'€™60s, and were produced by Alty East, one of the first producers of ska in Jamaica.

- CD

1. Soul-Ska
2. Girl, I Got A Date
3. Shoobe Doobe Doo
4. On The Beach
5. Bend Down Low
6. C.C. Rider
7. Musical Pressure
8. Rocksteady
9. Gimme Some
10. Got To Get You Outta My Life
11. Can You Hear Me?
12. Waiting For The Train