Nick Hooper - 6 Strings (CD)

6 Strings
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Nick Hooper is a BAFTA award winning and Grammy nominated film and television music composer who has written scores for two Harry Potter films - The Order of the Phoenix and The Half Blood Prince (for which he was nominated for a Grammy). In addition, Nick has scored award winning TV productions such as Land of the Tiger and Prime Suspect to films such as The Girl in the Cafe and My Family.

Nick has been into the world famous Abbey Road studio in London (where he previously recorded both of the Harry Potter soundtracks with 110 musicians) and recorded his new solo album, 6 Strings, which he describes as “Irish music and its affinity with the guitar.”

- CD

1. The Blackbird
2. The Lament Of Owen Roe O'Neill
3. O'Neill's March/Tap The Barrel
4. Give Me Your Hand/Carolans Receipt For Drinking
5. Two Jigs: The Humours Of Tralibane/Banish Misfortune
6. The Silver Lining
7. Derry Hornpipe
8. Si'Bheag,Si'Mhor
9. March Of The King Of Laois
10. Cherish The Ladies
11. Fanny Power
12. Carolan's Concerto
13. Two Reels: My Love Is In America/Star Of Munster
14. The South Wind