Beechwood - Inside the Flesh Hotel (CD)

Inside the Flesh Hotel
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With the recently released Songs From the Land of Nod garnering enthusiastic reviews across the board, Beechwood are now delivering its follow-up, Inside the Flesh Hotel.

From two-minute pop perfection to the sound of drug-induced nightmare psychoses, the trio’s music hits you where it hurts. Gordon Lawrence (guitar/ vox), Isa Tineo (drums/vox) and Sid Simons (bass/vox) are drawing their rock ‘n’ roll line in the dirt, which side are you on?

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1. Flesh Hotel
2. Boy Before
3. Amy
4. Biggot In My Bedroom
5. Over On Everyone
6. The Ram
7. Nero
8. I Found You Out
9. Up And Down
10. Sucker
11. I Don't Blame You Anymore
12. Our Love Was Worth The Heartache