Illuminati Hotties - Kiss Yr Frenemies (CD)

Kiss Yr Frenemies
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Despite the pluralized nom de guerre, Illuminati Hotties is the creative outlet of Sarah Tudzin - a producer and engineer hailing from the sprawl of Los Angeles.

The band have been lighting up stages across SoCal since the fall of 2016 with playfully interweaving guitar lines, relentless rhythmic momentum and strikingly self-aware vocals. Lauded as local tenderpunk pioneers, the group have perfected the blend of sweetness and ferocity, of celebration and despondency, in their upcoming debut album, Kiss Yr Frenemies. At first listen, these 11 sparkling tracks are a sun-drenched, irreverent volley with the onset of adulthood, but as listeners dives deeper, they will find an earnest consideration of musical phrasing and deliberately crafted wordplay regarding the complexity of love, loss and skateboarding.

- CD

1. Kiss Yr Frenemies
2. (You’re Better) Than Ever
3. Shape Of My Hands
4. Cuff
5. For Cheez (My Friend, Not The Food)
6. Paying Off The Happiness
7. Patience
8. The Rules
9. Boi
10. Pressed 2 Death
11. Declutter