Various Artists - Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984 [4CD] (CD Box Set)

Close to the Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984 [4CD]
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Close To The Noise Floor is a 4CD, 60-track set exploring the origins of electronica in the UK.

Featuring tracks from key figures on the cassette label underground alongside early releases by future stars of the movement, this is part primitive rave, part synthesiser porn and part history lesson.

Enthralled by the mysterious electronics of Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Gong and German Kosmische artists such as Tangerine Dream, Harmonia and Cluster, and inspired by the DIY ethos of punk, a quiet revolution took place across the UK in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

- 4CD

CD 1:
1. Computer Bank
2. R.A.M.
3. Re-Education Through Labour
4. Sedation Strokes
5. Little Bob Minor
6. Tight as a Drum
7. Holiday Camp
8. Fractured Smile
9. Sexuality
10. God with Us
11. Faith
12. Disco Song
13. Optimum Chant
14. All Night Long
15. Stopping and Starting

CD 2:
1. I Am Your Shadow
2. D'ya Think I'm Sexy
3. The Single off the Album
4. Back to Beginning
5. Gerry and the Holograms
6. Drugface
7. A New Kind of Man
8. Green for Go
9. Sentimental
10. Protect and Survive
11. Being Boiled
12. New Muzak
13. Materialistic Man
14. (Leaving Me) Now
15. Music to Save the World By
16. Almost
17. Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
18. Broken Vein
19. The Distance from Koln

CD 3:
1. Adrenalin (Return of the Elohim Pt 1)
2. Robot Dance
3. Sea of Tranquility
4. Mistral
5. Joe Goes to New York
6. Embryo (Extract)
7. Tripych
8. Encounter
9. Ynys Scaith
10. Sedation
11. Western Vein
12. Dead of Night (Excerpt)

CD 4:
1. What a Day
2. No Way of Knowing
3. Go for the Throat
4. Eco Beat
5. Dying Inside
6. In the Army
7. God Speed
8. Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer
9. Live at Longborne
10. Menial Disorders, Extract B2
11. Himeal (And She Blew)
12. In the Room
13. Dignity of Labour
14. Mzui (Extract)