Morcheeba - Blaze Away (CD)

Blaze Away
British trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba return with their first new album in over five years. Blaze Away, their positivity-packed ninth LP, marks both a fresh start in its organic approach and a return to the joyous genre-mashing of their early days, with featured guests Roots Manuva and Benjamin Biolay. There was no template for its 10 extraordinary, future-facing songs, no self-imposed limits on style, no themes to be adhered to or rules in place to break.

- CD

1. Never Undo
2. Blaze Away (feat. Roots Manuva)
3. Love Dub
4. It'€™s Summertime
5. Sweet L.A.
6. Paris sur Mer (feat. Benjamin Biolay)
7. Find Another Way
8. Set Your Sails
9. Free of Debris
10. Mezcal Dream