Enya - The Very Best Of (LP)

The Very Best Of
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Enya barely needs any introduction, With over 75 million album sales, her brand of classical-pop has been part of the mainstream since Orinoco Flow stormed to the top of the charts in the UK and Ireland in 1988, receiving two Grammys along the way and setting up Watermark to be an international hit album. Six more studio albums have followed since, with A Day Without Rain in the millennium year being her most successful to date.

The Very Best Of Enya was released previously on vinyl in the US through Warner Brothers and is now being made available to all other markets.

- 2LP
- 140g vinyl
- Gatefold sleeve

1. Orinoco Flow
2. Aniron
3. Storms In Africa
4. Caribbean Blue
5. Book Of Days
6. The Celts
7. Only Time
8. Wild Child
9. Water Shows The Hidden Heart
10. Anywhere Is
11. Cursum Perficio
12. Amarantine
13. Aldebaran
14. Trains And Winter Rains
15. Watermark
16. Boadicea
17. A Day Without Rain
18. May It Be
19. Oiche Chiuin [Chorale]