Ben Folds - Brick: The Songs of Ben Folds 1995-2012 [13CD] (CD Box Set)

Brick: The Songs of Ben Folds 1995-2012 [13CD]
This collection of 194 tracks spans the career to date of one of the most adventurous and exciting songwriters and performers of his generation, who has not only worked with a diverse range of artists including William Shatner, Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor, but also authors Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman.

In addition to featuring all the Ben Folds Five and Ben Folds'€™ solo studio albums, the box set also includes the 2002 Ben Folds Live album, the live album Songs For Goldfish which accompanied the 2005 album Songs For Silverman, the alternative Seeds versions from Stems and Seeds, and all the bonus tracks, B-sides and rarities from the whole period.

- 13CD

1. Ben Folds Five... Plus
2. Whatever and Ever Amen
3. Whatever and Ever Amen... and Ever Amen
4. The Unauthorised Biography of Reinhold Messner
5. Rockin' the Suburbs
6. Rockin' the Bonus
7. Ben Folds Live
8. Songs For Silverman
9. Songs For Goldfish
10. Supersunnyspeedgraphic
11. Way to Normal
12. Stems and Seeds
13. The Sound of the Life of the Mind