Natalie Prass - The Future and the Past (CD)

The Future and the Past
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Natalie Prass had her new album written, her band ready, the recording studio booked. Then the 2016 election happened and out of her despair and disappointment in those results came an impulse she could not ignore: she rewrote the album to reflect these swirling emotions. The result is The Future and the Past, a stunning snapshot of a musician in a state of personal rediscovery and surging femininity.

The celebratory and defiant record also signals a significant artistic leap for Prass on the heels of her 2015 breakthrough debut album. It finds Prass tapping into deep, dancey grooves that glisten with '80s pop and '€˜90s R&B, nestled alongside quivering, lushly orchestrated ballads.

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1. Oh My
2. Short Court Style
3. Interlude: Your Fire
4. The Fire
5. Hot for the Mountain
6. Lost
7. Sisters
8. Never Too Late
9. Ship Go Down
10. Nothing to Say
11. Far From You
12. Ain't Nobody