Roma Di Luna - We Were Made to Forgive (LP)

We Were Made to Forgive
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Roma di Luna - the Minneapolis band fronted by Channy Leaneagh of Poliça - return with We Were Made to Forgive after an eight year hiatus.

Channy says of the record: "€œIt has been quite a long time since our last one, and we certainly have a history - a quick Google search will enlighten you. But here we are, all the original members, releasing nine new songs into the world and for the first time on vinyl. The title is a clue I suppose, but when all is said and done we are all connected. When we'€™re all in a room together we laugh, play better, laugh some more, are better. We'€™ve all done a lot of different things musically since our last release, and you can hear some of that in this new one. But you'€™ll find that same voice, heart and soul in there."

- LP
- Includes download

1. Estate Fair
2. Made To Forgive
3. Great Lies
4. Remind Me
5. Decorations of Independence
6. The Wire
7. Wonder
8. Crying
9. Horse + Cart