Humans - Dead Shack [Pink Vinyl] (LP)

Dead Shack [Pink Vinyl]
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Canadians Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade, AKA Humans, have made a name for themselves with their big and heavy indie-electro-pop compositions, such as 2015's Noontide. Using a finely cultivated blend of synthesizers and instruments, their sound is novel and not tied down to any one genre.

For Dead Shack, Humans'€™ musical concoctions are haunting and evocative, arp-tinged but symphonic and rhythmic, like Kyle Dixon'€™s and Michael Stein'€™s Stranger Things score meets the Basement Jaxx and Steven Price soundtrack to 2011's Attack the Block.

This LP format is pressed on pink vinyl.

- LP
- Pink vinyl
- 140g vinyl

1. Dead Shack
2. The Run
3. Lisa Undead
4. The Battle
5. Creepy Kids
6. Kids Gear Up
7. Hope
8. Neighbor's Payback
9. Neighbor Gear Up
10. Take My Knife
11. The Living
12. You Lied to Me
13. Wander
14. Combat
15. It Follows
16. Going Home