Flasher - Constant Image (CD)

Constant Image
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Washington, DC trio Flasher release their debut album, Constant Image, via Domino.

Recorded in 2017 at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, NY, the full-length was produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Deerhunter, The War On Drugs) and crackles with invention. This isn'€™t the sound of a band finding their feet, it'€™s the rare sound of three people - Taylor Mulitz on guitar, bassist Daniel Saperstein and drummer Emma Baker - who know exactly what they want to achieve from the start.

- CD

1. Go
2. Pressure
3. Sun Come And Golden
4. Material
5. XYZ
6. Who'€™s Got Time?
7. Skim Milk
8. Harsh Light
9. Punching Up
10. Business Unusual