Ben Howard - Noonday Dream (CD)

Noonday Dream
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Ben Howard is back! His third album, Noonday Dream was self-produced alongside bandmate Mickey Smith, and recorded between studios in southwest France and southwest England.

The transformation and development in Ben'€™s writing from his hugely successful debut back in 2011, to the immersive darkness of I Forget Where We Were, and now on the cusp of another new sonic phase in Noonday Dream, should cement his status as one of the UK'€™s most gifted and unpredictable of artists.

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1. Nica Libres At Dusk
2. Towing The Line
3. A Boat To An Island On The Wall
4. What The Moon Does
5. Someone In The Doorway
6. All Down The Mines (Interlude)
7. The Defeat
8. A Boat To An Island Pt. 2 / Agatha's Song
9. There's Your Man
10. Murmurations