Spock's Beard - Noise Floor (CD)

Noise Floor
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Spock's Beard are a band who are in a continual state of evolution, as is always the case with genuinely creative musicians. Their new album, Noise Floor, fits perfectly into this process. "€œWe are always about evolution, not revolution. But what we have done this time is make the songs more melodic,"€ believes vocalist/guitarist Ted Leonard. "We still love our crazy prog, but now appreciate how important it is to grab people's attention early on."€ Leonard states furthermore: "€œIf you enjoy what we have been doing on the past two albums, then I am sure there will be much that will appeal to you on Noise Floor. Some of the material this time is very bright and melodically appealing, while on the other hand there's also a lot of dark tracks as well."€

Long term fans of Spock's Beard will find much to commend on what is the band's 13th studio album. Both Leonard and Okumoto feel it is a natural development. "€œWhat we have always strived to do with every album is take a step forward,"€ explains Leonard. "€œBut not a giant leap. We know what this band are all about, and the aim is always to ensure we don't repeat ourselves."€ Okumoto adds: "€œNoise Floor has all the elements people have come to expect from us, but pushed just a little onwards."

- 2CD

CD 1:
1. To Breathe Another Day
2. What Becomes of Me
3. Somebody's Home
4. Have We All Gone Crazy Yet
5. So This Is Life
6. One So Wise
7. Box of Spiders
8. Beginnings

CD 2:
1. Days We'll Remember
2. Bulletproof
3. Vault
4. Armageddon Nervous