Deep Feeling - Deep Feeling: The Complete Anthology (CD)

Deep Feeling: The Complete Anthology
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Initially formed in the late '60s as solo singer Guy Darrell'€™s backing band, Deep Feeling were active for several years before eventually splitting in the mid-'€™70s, at which point the majority of band members moved into session work. Their opening run of singles in 1970 had seen them score a couple of minor hits with their lush, slowed-down, harmony pop versions of Do You Love Me? and Do You Wanna Dance. The following year, the band cut an ambitious, highly eclectic album that showcased their dazzling harmonies and superior musicianship.

This self-titled set (also known in some quarters as the Guillotine album) is now an extremely collectable item amongst UK progressive rock aficionados, although it failed to sell well at the time. Featuring a 16-page booklet with many rare photos and the band'€™s full story, this first-ever official reissue of their album is joined by 13 non-LP tracks (all making their first appearance on CD) to provide a complete career anthology of one of the British progressive era'€™s most intriguing but overlooked bands.

- CD

1. Welcome For A Soldier
2. Old People'€™s Home
3. Classical Gas
4. Guillotine
5. Country Heir
6. Lucille
7. Do You Love Me?
8. Move On
9. Skyline Pigeon
10. We'€™ve Thrown It All Away
11. Do You Wanna Dance
12. The Day My Lady Cried
13. Sweat Dust And Red Wine
14. Turn Around
15. Country Heir (Edited Single Version)
16. Sunday Morning Leaving
17. Why, Lady Why?
18. Let'€™s Spend The Night Together
19. Avalon