Adam Faith - What Do You Want? The Singles Collection 1958-1962 (CD)

What Do You Want? The Singles Collection 1958-1962
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With his finely-chiselled features, fiercely-sharp cheekbones, continental haircut, garbled enunciation and mangled vowels, singer/actor Adam Faith was the UK's second most popular teen idol (after Cliff Richard) in the pre-Beatles era. This compilation rounds up all the A and B-sides from his singles between 1958 and 1962.

1.(Got A) Heartsick Feeling
2.Brother Heartache And Sister Tears
3.High School Confidential
4.Country Music Holiday
5.Ah, Poor Little Baby
6.Runk Bunk
7.What Do You Want
8.From Now Until Forever
9.Poor Me
10.The Reason
11.Someone Else’s Baby
12.Big Time
13.When Johnny Comes Marching Home
14.Made You
15.How About That
16.With Open Arms
17.Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)
19.Who Am I
20.This Is It
21.Easy Going Me
23.Don’t You Know It
24.My Last Wish
25.The Time Has Come
26.A Help-Each-Other Romance
28.Watch Your Step
29.As You Like It
30.Face To Face
31.Don’t That Beat All
32.Mix Me A Person
33.Baby Take A Bow
34.Knocking On Wood
35.I Did What You Told Me
36.The “Beat Girl” Song