Damien Rice - o (LP)

O, originally released in the summer of 2002, was one of the last albums to build a true word-of-mouth following before widespread streaming.

This new vinyl reissue extends the record to 16 tracks, and includes four additional recordings. The Professor & La Fille Danse and Moody Mooday were both originally B-sides to The Blower'€™s Daughter - Moody Mooday also appeared alongside Lonelily as a limited edition 7"€ single release in 2004. Woman Like a Man was recorded live in session at Galway Bay FM and was the lead track for the song'€™s single release. Prague and Silent Night (featuring Lisa Hannigan), which were hidden bonus tracks after the album'€™s closing song Eskimo, are also included.

- 2LP
- 180g vinyl
- Gatefold sleeve

1. Delicate
2. Volcano
3. The Blower's Daughter
4. Cannonball
5. Older Chests
6. Amie
7. Cheers Darlin'
8. Cold Water
9. I Remember
10. Eskimo
11. Prague
12. Silent Night (feat. Lisa Hannigan)
13. The Professor & La Fille Danse (Live)
14. Lonelily
15. Woman Like A Man (Live Radio Session)
16. Moody Mooday