Glenn Frey - Above the Clouds: The Very Best Of (CD)

Above the Clouds: The Very Best Of
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Celebrate the very best of Glenn Frey'€™s solo career with the brand new compilation, Above the Clouds: The Very Best Of.

Frey, a co-founding member of the Eagles, one of the world'€™s best-loved and best-selling bands, also carved out a notable solo career during their hiatus in the '€™80s and beyond, something he carried through with as an artist right up until his untimely passing in January 2016. Above the Clouds compiles the key elements of Frey'€™s music both before and after the Eagles became international superstars, showcasing the broad range and wide influence of the Detroit-bred artist in the process. The collection is a fitting way to honour a singer-songwriter whose imagination knew no bounds.

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1. The Heat Is On
2. Call On Me
3. Part Of Me, Part Of You
4. You Belong To The City
5. Smuggler's Blues
6. Sexy Girl
7. The Allnighter
8. Soul Searchin'
9. Same Girl
10. The One You Love
11. Strange Weather
12. I've Got Mine
13. River Of Dreams
14. Love In The 21st Century
15. Lyin' Eyes / Take It Easy (Medley - Live at the National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland / 1992)