Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of (LP)

Age Of
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Age Of is Daniel Lopatin's most cohesive and richly composed work to date, one which weaves a tapestry of disparate musical histories - early music, country and folk balladry, melodic pop, computer music and much, much more - which demonstrate both the complexity and range of the artist's repertoire.

With sounds that are unsettlingly familiar and uniquely his own, Age Of guides us through an unclassifiable new world.

- LP
- Includes download

1. Age Of
2. Babylon
3. Manifold
4. The Station
5. Toys 2
6. Black Snow
8. Warning
9. We'€™ll Take It
10. Same
11. RayCats
12. Still Stuff That Doesn'€™t Happen
13. Last Known Image of a Song