Aisha Badru - Pendulum (CD)

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Yonkers, NY born singer-songwriter Aisha Badru uses airy vocals and vivid lyrics to draw listeners into her soulfully emotive world on her debut album, Pendulum. "A major theme of every human’s experience is that we'€™re constantly swinging between good and bad," she says of the album'€™s theme. "We can'€™t avoid it. By realizing the that the swings aren'€™t permanent, you begin to develop the ability to control how you feel about the unfortunate events that may arise in your life."

- CD

1. Mind on Fire
2. Bridges
3. Just Visiting
4. Navy Blues (Acoustic)
5. Waiting Around
6. Fossil Fuels
7. Happy Pretending
8. Splintered
9. Dreamer
10. Bridges (Instrumental)
11. Fossil Fuels (Instrumental)
12. Happy Pretending (Instrumental)
13. Splintered (Instrumental)