Sleaford Mods - Bunch of Kunst / Live at SO36 [DVD/CD] (DVD)

Bunch of Kunst / Live at SO36 [DVD/CD]
Thanks to their sweary rants about modern England, Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods have been called "The world's greatest rock 'n' roll band" by Iggy Pop and "the soundtrack to post-Brexit Britain" by the Guardian.

Following them on their two-year journey from Sherwood to chart success, award-winning music documentary Bunch of Kunst tells the story of three guys taking on the music business on their own terms.

This package supplements the documentary with a CD recorded at SO36 Berlin on 19th June 2017 and features the complete unedited performance, originally released on vinyl in edited form.

- DVD / CD

1. Silly Me
2. Bunch Of Cunts
3. Live Tonight
4. No-Ones Bothered
5. Middle Men
6. Jolly Fucker
7. A Little Ditty
8. Mcflurry
9. Fizzy
10. Routine Dean
11. Bronx In A Six
12. Tiswas
13. Tied Up In Nottz
14. Jobseeker
15. 6 Horsemen (The Brixtons)
16. Tarantula Deadly Cargo
17. Tweet Tweet Tweet