Chas & Dave - A Little Bit of Us (CD)

A Little Bit of Us
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Bona fide national treasures Chas & Dave return with a new album, A Little Bit of Us, their first in over 30 years to feature brand-new songs.

Chas says: "€œThe bloke who owns the studio where we recorded much of this album is Brian Juniper. He introduced me to Dave back in 1963 - Dave was at junior school with him. I was at senior school with him when, as 13 year olds, we started a skiffle group over 60 years ago."€

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1. A Little Bit of Me
2. Come On Charlie
3. When You Wore A Tulip
4. Wonder Where He Is Now?
5. Nagasaki
6. Dry Bones
7. Nothing You Can Do
8. Modern Robin Hood
9. Last Kiss
10. My Little Grass Shack
11. Roses of Picardy (Piano Solo)
12. Sling Your Hook (Chas's Message to Cancer)
13. Why Not Me? (feat. Kate Garner)