Goat - Let It Burn (7" Single)

Let It Burn
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Goat think that Let It Burn is the best song they have written. The label have not stopped going on about it since they heard it. Now, you can listen to it when it is released as a limited edition 7"€ single

Let it Burn was written specifically for the climatic scene in the short movie Killing Gävle, a The Guardian produced film directed by Joe Fletcher about the famous Gävle Goat in Sweden, where every year local custodians of Gävle try to protect a giant straw goat that is built for the town every Christmas from being burnt down by mischievous pagans. Obviously Goat'€™s music was the obvious to soundtrack the film - their back catalogue is used throughout the film - but until now it was the only place you could hear a segment of the six-minute fuzz groove of Let it Burn

The 7"€ comes in three exclusive colours, each ltd to 400 copies; '€˜yellow flame'€™ vinyl, '€˜orange flame'™ vinyl and '€˜red flame' vinyl and these will be randomly distributed around the world.

- 7"

1. Let It Burn
2. Friday Pt. 1