Alexis Taylor - Beautiful Thing (CD)

Beautiful Thing
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Beautiful Thing is a very new, very individualist and - yes - very beautiful reflection of a life that'€™s changed immeasurably since Alexis Taylor first started out in music.

He has worked with living legends from major pop stars to free improvisers in the furthest leftfield, played huge arenas and tiny clubs without ever privileging one over the other and through all of it, never stopped listening and learning. All of this accumulated experience is put to work on Beautiful Thing in pursuit of something subtle and elusive but ultimately quite profound and beautifully human.

- CD

1. Dreaming Another Life
2. Beautiful Thing
3. Deep Cut
4. Roll on Blank Tapes
5. Suspicious of Me
6. A Hit Song
7. Oh Baby
8. There's Nothing to Hide
9. I Feel You
10. Out of Time