Bjork - Arisen My Senses [Slug Genitalia Vinyl] (12" Single)

Arisen My Senses [Slug Genitalia Vinyl]
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This new EP features three remixes of Arisen My Senses - one by Kelly Lee Owens, another by Jlin and a final by Lanark Artefax - each of which take the original track to a new place with their trademark production sounds.

The 12" comes in an interesting colour... Ever pondered over the colour of slug genitalia? Well, here'€™s your answer!

- 12"
- '€˜Slug genitalia'€™ vinyl

1. Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax)
2. Arisen My Senses (Jlin Remix)
3. Arisen My Senses (Kelly Lee Owens Remix)