Gary Barlow - Open World [Deluxe] (CD)

Open World [Deluxe]
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Gary Barlow's debut solo album is being celebrated with a brand new 21st anniversary reissue! This deluxe two-disc Eco Book supplements the record with an additional 11 tracks of demo versions, live songs and radio recordings.

- 2CD

CD 1:
1. Love Won't Wait (Radio Edit)
2. So Help Me Girl
3. My Commitment
4. Hang On in There Baby
5. Are You Ready Now
6. Everything I Ever Wanted
7. I Fall So Deep
8. Lay Down for Love
9. Forever Love
10. Never Knew
11. Open Road
12. Always

CD 2:
1. So Help Me Girl
2. Hang On in There Baby
3. Are You Ready Now
4. Everything I Ever Wanted
5. Lay Down for Love
6. Forever Love
7. Never Knew
8. Open Road
9. The Meaning of a Love Song
10. Cuddly Toy (Lush Vocal Radio Edit)
11. Superhero