Slug - HiggledyPiggledy (CD)

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Slug is the nom de plume of North East native Ian Black. Whereas acclaimed debut album Ripe was made in collaboration with Peter Brewis and David Brewis of Field Music, HiggledyPiggledy was composed, produced and played entirely by Black, enabling him to give free reign to his beguiling brand of Dada-rock.

Black intended HiggledyPiggledy to be a more minimal affair than its predecessor, focussed more on rhythm and percussion. Thematically the record was written against the backdrop of political turmoil, but really it'€™s about the strange life Black leads in his native Sunderland, an autodidact outsider living his life in Wetherspoons arguing with some of the questionable attitudes of locals. Black's stated aim was to "€œhave fun writing truly horrible lyrics,"€ playing characters "€œventing in pubs, writing in the character of how some people think and behave."€

- CD

1. No Heavy Petting
2. Earlobe
3. Gibberish
4. Basic Aggression
5. Lackadaisical Love
6. Dolly Dimple
7. Tongue
8. You Don't Need To Wake Up
9. Humming and Hawing
10. Petulia
11. A Soft Shoe Number
12. Arbitrary Lessons In Custom
13. You Are As Cold As A Dead Fish