Oly Ralfe - Notes From Another Sea (CD)

Notes From Another Sea
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Ralfe Band'€™s Oly Ralfe is preparing his debut solo album, the instrumental piano work Notes From Another Sea. Meditative, melodic and quietly intense, the record casts a spell, enveloping listeners as it conjures its shifting moods. The piano is key to Oly'€™s love of music, featuring on many Ralfe Band songs and the instrumental Notes From Another Sea is Oly'€™s first album based entirely around the piano.

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1. The Bridge
2. A Forest In the City
3. On My Train
4. Hear Me Yourself
5. Melusine
6. Glider
7. Lantern Waltz
8. Which Is the Brighter
9. The Swallow Sleeps All Winter
10. Wanderers
11. Beqaa Road
12. All Our Rooms
13. Night Raven
14. Hill Queen