Bryde - Like An Island (CD)

Like An Island
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‘Like An Island’ is the debut album from Bryde. Having spent the last 2 years building a solid fanbase and recognisable sound, this body of work showcases her stunning mix of light and dark, beautiful and heart-breaking, isolated and communal. ‘Like An Island’ was written between London and LA and credits include Bill Ryder Jones, Catherine J Marks (Wolf Alice, St Vincent, PJ Harvey) & Mandy Parnell (The XX).

‘Like An Island’ is scheduled for release on the 13th of April via Bryde’s own label Seahorse Music. Bryde founded it to publish records by like-minded women and help make them more visible in a male-dominated industry.
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Side A:
1. To Be Brave
2. Less
3. Flesh. Blood and Love
4. Peace
5. Fast Awake
6. Euphoria

Side B:
7. Handstands
8. To Be Love
9. Desire
10. Transparent
11. Steady Heart