Fakear - All Glows (CD)

All Glows
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Fakear returns with new album All Glows, an album with multiple moods which mixes harmoniously exotic sounds and R&B touches brought by the precious guest features, including rising UK star Ebenezer, renowned trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, Eves Karydas and more.

Having recently produced for M.I.A, remixed London Grammar and Years & Years, toured around the world (supporting the likes of Bonobo and Odesza), Fakear has now firmly cemented his place at the vanguard of a new French beatmaker generation including the likes of Møme and Petit Biscuit.

- CD

1. Prelude
2. Something Wonderful [feat. Ana Zimmer]
3. Lost In Time (Radio Edit) [feat. Polo & Pan & Noraa & Clément Bazin]
4. Lost Colours
5. Chakra
6. One Chance [feat. Eves Karydas]
7. Consciousness
8. Next Life
9. Tokara
10. Tonight [feat. Ebenezer]
11. Sacred Feminine [feat. Ibrahim Maalouf]
12. Sea Song
13. Vision [feat. Claire Laffut]
14. Lou
15. Give You [feat. Anna Majidson]
16. Under The Last Tree