Confidence Man - Confident Music For Confident People (CD)

Confident Music For Confident People
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Here is a set of songs that take the kind of all-consuming interior monologues that bored, disaffected youth are wrestling with the world over and places them square in the middle of the dancefloor before adding call-and-response choruses for good measure.

It'€™s the best collection of perfect pop music you'€™ll hear all year; the perfect embodiment of the characters that made it, which somehow manages to be both wildly ambitious and deceptively simple at the same time.

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1. Try Your Luck
2. Don't You Know I'm In a Band
3. Boyfriend
4. C.O.O.L Party
5. Out The Window
6. Catch My Breath
7. Bubblegum
8. Better Sit Down Boy
9. Sail Boat Vacation
10. All The Way
11. Fascination