Chrome Sparks - Chrome Sparks (CD)

Chrome Sparks
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Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin)'€™s eponymous debut album arrives via Counter Records (a Ninja Tune imprint) boasting a sparkling sound: a euphony of hip hop, house and bright-beaming synthwork. Following much-tipped EPs on Future Classic (Flume, Chet Faker), his first full-length was recorded between Malvin'€™s Brooklyn studio and a secluded upstate cabin and features collaborations with Kllo (Ghostly) and more.

- CD

1. Rocket
2. What's It Gonna Take (feat. Angelica Bess)
3. Still Think
4. Sugar
5. All Or Nothing (feat. Angelica Bess)
6. I Just Wanna (feat. Kilo)
7. O, My Perfection
8. Wings
9. Attack Sustain Release (feat. Graham Ulicny)
10. To Eternity