Bush Tetras - Take the Fall (CD)

Take the Fall
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Bush Tetras are back in full force with Take The Fall, their first offering of new music in over 10 years, and perhaps the most hard-hitting group of songs of their career. Commanding a rocker'€™s wail almost 30 years in the making, vocalist Cynthia Sley deploys a shuddering power over the album'€™s careening five tracks, which rail against the reality of heaven and the toll of time in the album's opener, True Blue.

Guitar hero and LES noise guitar innovator Pat Place wields phased out distorted slide bombs. Yet her walls of noise explore the nooks and crannies of Dee Pop and newcomer Val Vera'€™s rhythm 'n'€™ paranoia groove section.

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1. True Blue
2. Red Heavy
3. Mouse
4. Don't Stop It
5. Out Again