Applewood Road - Applewood Road (CD)

Applewood Road
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Applewood Road is a vocal project consisting of singer-songwriters Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace. Their 2014 encounter in Nashville sparked the beginning of a successful collaborative relationship which resulted in a self-titled, highly acclaimed full album.

For the first time, Gearbox are making this record available outside the US. The CD format contains their hit REM cover Losing My Religion as a bonus track. The song was recorded live at Union Chapel and showcases the arresting vocal talents and intimate harmonisations of the group.

- CD

1. Applewood Road
2. To the Stars
3. Old Time Country Song
4. Home Fires
5. Honey Won't You
6. Give Me Love
7. Sad Little Tune
8. Lovin' Eyes
9. Josephine
10. I'm Not Afraid Anymore
11. Bring the Car Round
12. Row Boat
13. My Love Grows
14. Losing My Religion