Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuiness - What News (CD)

What News
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For his 12th solo album, and his fourth focused exclusively on the performance of traditional songs, Alasdair Roberts has chosen a typically unusual and eclectic pair of collaborators: Amble Skuse and David McGuinness. This makes for beautiful and driven music that has no analogue in Alasdair'€™s catalogue - while he has consistently pursued the dynamic fusion of songs from hundreds of years ago in a modern and progressive context, he hasn'€™t worked with a keyboard as the central instrument.

The beauty of the conception is evident throughout, with immaculate engineering capturing all the nuances of David and Amble'€™s work. Alasdair'€™s singing embodies previously unheard capacities in his ever-evolving catalogue of song and he also contributes a powerful guitar obbligato and solo on The Dun Broon Bride - no doubt in response to the fine work of his collaborators.

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1. The Dun Broon Bride
2. Johnny. O' the Brine
3. Young Johnstone
4. Rosie Anderson
5. The Fair Flower of Northumberland
6. Clerk Colven
7. Babylon
8. Long-a-growing