Beach House - 7 (LP)

Due on 11/05/2018
As its title would suggest, 7 is the seventh full-length studio album from hugely acclaimed dream pop outfit Beach House. Already previewed through the mesmeric singles Lemon Glow and Dive, it follow's 2015's widely celebrated Depression Cherry and its surprise companion piece, Thank Your Lucky Stars.

"Throughout the process of recording '7', our goal was rebirth and rejuvenation. We wanted to rethink old methods and shed some self-imposed limitations. In the past, we often limited our writing to parts that we could perform live. On '7', we decided to follow whatever came naturally. As a result, there are some songs with no guitar, and some without keyboard. There are songs with layers and production that we could never recreate live, and that is exciting to us. Basically, we let our creative moods, instead of instrumentation, dictate the album'€™s feel."


1. Dark Spring
2. Pay No Mind
3. Lemon Glow
4. L'Inconnue
5. Drunk In L.A.
6. Dive
7. Black Car
8. Lose Your Smile
9. Woo
10. Girl of the Year
11. Last Ride