James Bay - Electric Light (CD)

Electric Light
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Following the success of his multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated debut album Chaos & The Calm, James Bay returns with his highly anticipated follow-up, Electric Light. The album includes his current single, Wild Love.

"€œIf I had to describe my first album visually it would probably be a flame - while this new album is about a real sonic and artistic evolution for me,"€ Bay says. "€œThe feeling of a 100 watt bulb expanding and brightening is what I envisioned. Electric Light came to my mind and I knew it was perfect."€

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1. Intro
2. Wasted On Each Other
3. Pink Lemonade
4. Wild Love
5. Us
6. In My Head
7. Interlude
8. Just For Thought
9. Wanderlust
10. I Found You
11. Sugar Drunk High
12. Stand Up
13. Fade Out
14. Slide