Jack White - Boarding House Reach (CD)

Boarding House Reach
Due on 23/03/2018
Boarding House Reach is the much anticipated third solo album from 12-time Grammy winner Jack White. The record is the former White Stripe's first full-length for nearly four years, and features a broad palette exploring rock 'n' roll, punk, electro, gospel and everything in between.

- CD

1. Connected By Love
2. Why Walk A Dog?
3. Corporation
4. Abulia And Akrasia
5. Hypermisophoniac
6. Ice Station Zebra
7. Over And Over And Over
8. Everything You've Ever Learned
9. Respect Commander
10. Ezmerelda Steals The Show
11. Get In The Mind Shaft
12. What's Done Is Done
13. Humoresque