Various Artists - Wants List, Vol. 4 (CD)

Wants List, Vol. 4
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Wants List 4 has been compiled in response to customer demand, 10 years on from the series'€™ previous installment. The collection features a range of in demand tracks from the '€˜70s, which were rediscovered in the UK'€™s rare groove and modern soul scenes from the mid '80s onwards, several of which are appearing on a compilation for the first time.

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1. Black Cream
2. These Memories
3. Lightin' Up
4. You Got Your Hold On Me
5. Dont Shut Me Out
6. Wanna Be Where You Are
7. Now That I Have You
8. I Can Deal With That
9. It's So Real
10. If I Can't Have Your Love
11. Love Just Ain't No Fun
12. Trust In Me
13. A Love Of Your Own
14. We Go Back A Ways
15. Give Him Up
16. Sunshine Holiday
17. Lets Get Down To Business
18. Ridin High
19. Day Dreaming
20. I Want Sunday Back Again
21. I Dont Wanna Leave You