Insecure Men - Insecure Men [Cherry Cola Vinyl] (LP)

Insecure Men [Cherry Cola Vinyl]
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This eponymous set is the debut album from the band led by Saul Adamczewski (formerly Fat White Family) and Ben Romans-Hopcraft (Childhood).

In many ways Insecure Men are the polar opposite of the Fat White Family. Whereas sleaze-mired, country-influenced, drug-crazed garage punks the Fat Whites are a "€œcelebration of everything that is wrong in life€," Insecure Men, who blend together exotica, easy listening, lounge and timeless pop music, are, by comparison at least, the last word in wholesomeness.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on cherry cola coloured vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Cherry cola vinyl


1. Subaru Nights
2. Teenage Toy
3. All Women Love Me
4. Mekong Glitter
5. Heathrow
6. I Don't Wanna Dance (With My Baby)
7. The Saddest Man in Penge
8. Ulster
9. Cliff Has Left The Building
10. Whitney Houston and I
11. Buried in the Bleak