Alice Cooper - The Sound of A (10" Single)

The Sound of A
Ships In 2/3 Days
New single The Sound of A shows Alice Cooper in a completely new light, with the songs - meaning the sound of Alice - displaying a very interesting sound. With a slightly psychedelic and mellow atmosphere, partly created by organ and percussion sounds, the cut leaves the listener with a mellow - even spacey - feeling. Despite the self-referential lyrics, it becomes apparent that with this song Alice Cooper explores new musical horizons while staying true to the essence of what makes him successful.

In addition to The Sound of A, this EP also includes four never before released tracks that were recorded during a show in Columbus in 2016 with the current band. The release also arrives right in time for the shock rock legend's 70th birthday!

- 10"€

1. The Sound of A
2. The Black Widow
3. Public Animal #9
4. Is It My Body
5. Cold Ethyl