The Damned - Stiff Singles 1976-1977 [5x7"] (7" Box Set)

Stiff Singles 1976-1977 [5x7
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It was the summer of 1976 when Dave Vanian, Rat Scabies and Captain Sensible recruited guitarist and songwriter Brian James. They played their first gig supporting the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club and quickly signed to Stiff Records and began writing the very first chapter of the punk rock history books.

Their debut 7"€ New Rose was written by Brian James and backed by a proto-thrash version of The Beatles'€™ Help. It was recorded by Stiff’s in-house producer, Nick Lowe and set the punk dream alight at exactly 9.00am when record shops opened for business on 22 October 1976, stealing a march on the Pistols by becoming what is widely acknowledged as the very first punk record ever released. The group went on to release another four singles for Stiff before the end of 1977, all of which are collected in this superb new 7"€ box set.

Housed in a lift-off lid box, the set also includes an embroidered Damned patch. It'€™s limited to just 500 copies, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- 5 x 7"

1. New Rose
2. Neat Neat Neat
3. Problem Child
4. Don'€™t Cry Wolf
5. Stretcher Case Baby