Felt - The Seventeenth Century [CD/7"] (7" Box Set)

The Seventeenth Century [CD/7
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Anyone who'€™s been living on the grapevine these past few years must have heard the rumours about the coming of the Felt reissues - well, they'€™re here! During the '€˜80s, Felt made 10 albums and 10 singles for the Cherry Red and Creation labels. This beautifully produced series examines the work of one of the greatest underground groups of modern times.

Released in 1986, The Seventeenth Century (originally titled Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death) is the group'€™s fifth album. Initial copies of this CD / 7"€ box set have been signed by the band's leader, Lawrence.

- CD / 7"

1. Song for William S. Harvey
2. Ancient City Where I Lived
3. Seventeenth Century
4. The Palace
5. Indian Scriptures
6. The Nazca Plain
7. Jewel Sky
8. Viking Dress
9. Voyage to Illumination
10. Sapphire Mansions

1. Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow
2. Sunlight Strings