Hannah Read - Way Out I'll Wander (CD)

Way Out I'll Wander
Way Out I'€™ll Wander is the much-anticipated second album from Brooklyn-based Scottish singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Hannah Read. The record was produced in New Hampshire and upstate New York by Charlie Van Kirk and features a cast of musicians including Jefferson Hamer (Anais Mitchell), Jeff Picker and Sarah Jarosz. The recordings capture Read's formidable songwriting in intimate arrangements which reflect her background in traditional Scottish and English folk while also calling to mind the ice-cool delivery of Mary Lorson or Nina Nastasia. The songs, meanwhile, set characters in a finely-drawn geography of wooded slopes and crisp, clean air, city lights flickering on the horizon to explore time and place from Read's migrant perspective.

- CD

1. Moorland Bare
2. Ringleader
3. Interlude
4. I'll Still Sing Your Praises
5. Alexander
6. She Took a Gamble
7. Way out I'll Wander
8. Boots
9. Camsea Ashe