Wild Beasts - Last Night All My Dreams Came True [Coloured Vinyl] (LP)

Last Night All My Dreams Came True [Coloured Vinyl]
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Last Night All My Dreams Came True is a career-spanning collection and features songs from each of Wild Beasts'€™ studio albums, with an emphasis on Boy King, their most direct record yet.

Looking back on Wild Beasts'€™ back catalogue and the themes they tackled, there is a sense of prescience - toxic masculinity, gender fluidity, the conflicts surrounding class, politics and art were no bandwagon jumps, often becoming hot topics in the media several years after they'€™d been eloquently dealt with on record.

Recorded in two days over the Summer at RAK Studios, Last Night All My Dreams Came True is the second official Domino Documents release and has more than fulfilled the Domino Documents aim to capture a band at the height of their powers, recording a selection of their finest songs.

This limited edition double-LP format is pressed on coloured vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- 2LP
- Coloured vinyl
- Includes download


1. Wanderlust
2. Big Cat
3. A Simple Beautiful Truth
4. 2BU
5. Bed Of Nails
6. Hooting & Howling
7. This Is Our Lot
8. He The Colossus
9. The Devil'€™s Palace
10. Alpha Female
11. Get My Bang
12. All The King'€™s Men
13. Celestial Creatures