Marlon Williams - Make Way For Love [Coloured Vinyl] (LP)

Make Way For Love [Coloured Vinyl]
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Known for his effortlessly distinctive voice, Make Way For Love marks Marlon Williams'€™ exponential growth as a songwriter. Throughout 11 original songs, he explores new musical terrain and reveals himself in an unprecedented way in the wake of a fractured relationship.

While Make Way For Love draws on Marlon'€™s own story, it captures the vagaries of relationships we'€™ve all been through: the bliss, ache, uncertainty and bitterness. Like the best breakup records, it doesn'€™t shy away from heartbreak but rather stares it in the face and mines beauty from it.

This limited edition LP is pressed on coloured vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Coloured vinyl
- Includes download


1. Come To Me
2. What'€™s Chasing You
3. Beautiful Dress
4. Party Boy
5. Can I Call You
6. Love Is A Terible Thing
7. I Know A Jewelller
8. I Didn'€™t Make a Plan
9. The Fire Of Love
10. Nobody Gets What They Want Anymor
11. Make Way For Love